Saturday, March 5, 2011

Unbelievably Fantabulous Extraordinary Kitchen

It's not mine! Waaaaah...

I'm talking about Flea Market Trixie. Have you seen her kitchen!?! I am DYING over every detail. I just know you will too.

I'll show you one before and after just to make sure you go over there. Because once you see it, you will be so glad you did. Or maybe you'll be like me and feel sad that you have the ugliest kitchen ever. (I bet mine's uglier)



OK, ok, ok. One more.



Holy crapsticks.

I have no idea what that means. It just came out.

Now please, do go over to Trixie's and give her some bloggy love on a project incredibly well done.

The kitchen reveal is here.

The cabinets were unfinished oak. Trixie painted them herself (6 coats!).

Here's how she made the table in the breakfast nook.

They built their own range hood!?

I think the floor is so adorable. It's painted wood!

PS. Trixie has no idea who I am, and we have never met. I am just a random kitchen-luster.

Now go make something!

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