Home Tour

This is our house. (Mid March, 2011)

It was built in the 1920s, with a one room addition tacked on the back at some point.

We bought this house in December, 2003, just weeks before our wedding. Even though we painted and made a few upgrades when we moved in, it's been about seven years. Time for some updates. Come along for the ride!

Here are some basic floor plans, so you can get a feel for the place.


Mom Cave Before:

Mom Cave In Process:

I'm working on the mom cave right now. Find all mom cave posts here.

Main Floor:

Toy Room Before:

The toy room is in process. Find all toy room projects here.

Kitchen Before:

The kitchen is in complete disarray. How fun. Find out what's going on here.

Second Floor:

The boys room was completed shortly before I started blogging.

Check out all posts about the boys' room here.

Check back for more floor plans and room updates!
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