Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bad Hair Day

How can such a darling girl wake up with such horrible hair?!


Who me? I totally meant it to look this way.


Having a girl is weirdly wonderful.

I can't believe she's been here almost 2 whole months already! In case you were wondering, she is doing great. It's like she's always been here. We love her so. And I think she kinda likes us too. Bonus! :)

Now go make something!


  1. Oh my! LOL!!! She's precious!

  2. Hi! My Name is Brianna and I found your blog through Blue Cricket Design. My husband and I are also hoping to adopt. Currently we are working with an agency that places here in the states however we are really interested in international adoption. I would love to hear more about your story and how the process was for you and your husband. you are welcome to e-mail me at if you would like to connect. Thank you BTW I love the ottoman redo I am planning on doing the same with an ottoman I own.


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