Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Vanity Revealed

I decided the baby's room was looking a little too precious. Too pink and yellow. It needed a little funk. And sooooo....

Dramatic pause.

The vanity went a dramatic dark leaf green. It's called Dark Meadow by Valspar.


Remember I said there'd be a chair makeover? Can you believe what a coat of turquoise did to this chair?


Caught me. It's not the same chair. The arms on that one wouldn't fit under the desk. I had this other one laying around. I actually used it by my sewing machine. So I swapped them.

Color on the chair is Tidal Teal by Valspar.

FYI, I got these paints at Lowes. I got a sample size of each color for $3 each. Perfect for a small project like this!

Did you guess the vanity would be dark green? Me neither. Until recently. But now I think it's the perfect color for the room. Those drapes are really going to bring it all together. Have faith!

Once more. Before.




More to do. Somehow I'm going to turn this into a curtain rod.



  1. I love the dark green! I did guess green, but that color was more striking than I'd imagined. Great job on the room!

  2. I love all the different colors in the room! The turquoise chair would have to be my favorite!


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