Friday, November 5, 2010

Why I HATE Markers








That would be one of my walls (newly painted, OF COURSE) and two of my throw pillows (newly recovered, OF COURSE). And that's not even all of it. There's marker on the carpet, on my keyboard, on my monitor...

This is how all of this started. One fine day I took the boys to a Curious George event. They had face painting there, which led to Clayton looking like this.


Absolutely darling. Zack can be a little anxious in new situations... and painting ones face was certainly a new one... so he didn't want face paint, which was absolutely fine. We went on with our day and I didn't think a thing of it.


A few days later Zack called me into the room. He proudly told me they made "monkey faces" on themselves.

Honestly I wasn't even mad. It was (almost) all washable and I thought they were cute as could be. I said (faking) sternly not to do it again, washed it off and that seemed to be the end of it.

For Zack.

Unfortunately Clayton became obsessed with putting marker everywhere. It started out on his body. (Check out his legs).


And it ended up on the furniture. All the markers were eventually thrown away, it got so incredibly frustrating.


I had a couple Sharpies hidden in my desk. Clayton sniffed them out like a bloodhound and continued his marker rampage whenever my back was turned.

I think I have successfully thrown away or hidden all markers in my house, so hopefully I am done with this for awhile.

This little monkey sure is curious.


Of course yesterday they broke a brand new lamp. If it's not markers, it's always something! I saved the cord, so maybe I can make a pendant out of it. *Sigh*

And to think I signed up for a third child. I'm scared!

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  1. They're so cute, it's hard to be mad....but sharpies?!? Yikes! Magic Eraser? Got nothing for the pillows though.


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