Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

Halloween 2010 was a hit! A year sure makes a difference in terms of the boys' understanding and participation. They really enjoyed themselves.

Mr. RBR helped the boys carve pumpkins, and of course there was trick or treating.

During the afternoon, I carved out a couple hours to head over to my aunt's house. We swapped pre-made frozen meals, a lot of laughs, and admittedly had a glass of wine. OK, two glasses. It was a blast. And I have 10 meals in the freezer to boot! Most of the meals came from the cookbook Cooking Among Friends. Each recipe is in a minimum of 6 meals. It's pretty cool. Check it out!

Mr. RBR scoops out Zack's pumpkin.

Are we boring you, Clayton?



Zack the fireman, and Clayton "Bob the Builder", Halloween 2010.

We live in the city, so there are a lot of houses. And we get a lot of trick or treaters too! Our neighborhood newsletter says to expect 100-300 in two hours (6pm - 8pm is our trick or treating time). I'd say that's a safe estimate. We went through over 200 pieces of candy and we were gone for an hour!

That's ok. Less candy for me to eat!

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