Monday, October 11, 2010

Send Help... And Chocolate... And a Maid

We had a busy, busy weekend. We dropped the boys off to their grandparents while Mr. RBR and I fled the state whooping for joy. No, no just kidding. There was no whooping. A little fist pump maybe. I kid! I kid!

First we drove to my college friend's house and hung out there for the night, then we went to my cousin's wedding. We had a nice time, blah, blah, blah. But now I'm paying the price. My house is a wreck! And even that's not so bad except we're expecting company this weekend. My in-laws.

Don't you sort of always want to impress your in-laws no matter how nice they are (mine are very nice by the way)? Or is that just my neurosis.

Just me? Yeah, thought so.

I have a busy house with two busy preschoolers--I should really just let it go. You wanna know what my house looks like at the end of every day?

I must really like you to show you that. You know that don't you?

If I just had to clean the house this week, that would be one thing. BUT part of the reason the house is a wreck is because I'm redoing the baby's room (more on the baby another day) and all the stuff is out of her room and sitting in the hallway. PLUS we have to clear the family room--it's getting the new roof and ceiling (it's an addition and doesn't share a roof with the main part of the house). PLUS we are renting a dumpster and we are hoping to take advantage of it by clearing out some old junk out of the basement and attic. PHEW!

And have I told you what happens if I don't watch my boys every minute?

Oh man. I am so screwed!

Plan of attack.
1. Tie boys to a chair for five days. No? Ok, I guess not.

New plan of attack.
1. Get baby's room painted.
2. Put baby's stuff away.
3. Clear family room.
4. Chase my tail as I try to clean what messes the boys make.
5. Sort out stuff to throw away in the attic and basement.

In five days.

I'm tired already.

PS, stay tuned. I'm planning a Monster Truck Mural Tutorial.


  1. Ok. This entire post is hilarious and makes me feel really...normal!!! Good luck with all of it!

  2. Don't stress - I'm exactly the same way. I always feel bad when people help me but I think they help because they once had young kids and needed help too!

    I love the picture of your house, makes me feel better about mine (which is in a similar state at the end of each day!). Can't wait to see pictures of the baby's room! :) And to hear about I-600 approval.
    Take care and try not to stress. Good luck with all of your projects. Good luck getting marker off of your boys! :)


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