Thursday, October 21, 2010

No Matchy-matchy!

Part of what I love about decorating right now is that collected look. A piece from here, another from there. It's what gives a room personality.

Three years ago I was in process of adopting a son and was pregnant with another son, and I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to adopt from a daughter from Korea. I hadn't really even talked to my husband about it yet. Although I had an inkling he'd be open to it.

So there I was. Pregnant. Adopting. And at an auction I saw this baby quilt and I snapped it up.


I paid $35 for this Pottery Barn Kids quilt and matching bumper (there was also a random twin bed skirt thrown in the bag. Who knows why). The people I was with assumed it was for one of my sons. Nope. I was vague in my answer, but I really knew it'd be for my daughter.

And now she's on her way. We don't know when exactly (January?), but we know who she is, we have seen her picture, we know her birthday. It's just so amazing it gives me goosebumps.

Don't give in to those urges (like I did the first time around) to purchase a big "set" of stuff that all, well, matches. It's boring, isn't it? Every single thing with the same motif? Don't be afraid to get one thing from over here, another from over there. Half the stuff in the "set" you probably won't even use anyway and you'll probably save money. And don't be afraid to buy used. That's another big money saver. But don't forget to "shop what you got"! I used this comforter in my one of my son's rooms, on the blue side.


Flip that baby over, and it looks right at home in this girly room.


And how cool is it that my actual kids aren't matchy-matchy either. ha! A Guatemalan, a caucasian, and a Korean. That's why when I saw this artwork at a garage sale last summer I had to snap it up.


It may not "go" with the monster truck theme, but it's what being non matchy-matchy is all about!


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  1. Love the room, amazing piece of art, and the boys are just so darn adorable!


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