Thursday, October 28, 2010

At least this should be a dramatic before and after

The blog's been a little quiet, but the RBR house is not! So far I've been focusing on the kids' rooms, but it's not the only work that's getting done around here!

Nearly two weeks ago my in laws drove out to help us put a new roof on a one-room addition on the back of our house. The roof had deteriorated badly and we wanted to have a stable covering before the weather grew more harsh. The men (with some help from me) got it done in 3 days. Now on to the inside.

This room was really starting to show it's age. The ceiling was cracked and textured. It just had to go. So last weekend Mr. RBR (with some help from me) put up new dry wall... on the 16 foot ceiling. By ourselves.

So with that, welcome to my NIGHTMARE, er... Family Room/Toy Room.


Oh my.


Oh my!


I'm pretty sure the look on Mr. RBR's face is one of love. Let's see if we can get a close up.


Hmm. Nope. I think that is extreme exhaustion.

In all fairness this is probably a "during" rather than a before. I tried to find a true "before". Here is one I took before kids (3 or 4 years ago). Much cleaner than it is now, but dated and dark.


Big changes in store here! As always it will be on the cheap.

1 comment:

  1. It looks great so far! Good luck! Getting things ready before Delaney arrives.


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