Monday, October 4, 2010

Remember that show?

I remember when my parents finally got cable. My mom and I have always loved decorating and would watch HGTV all the time (still do!) Although it was quirky, we loved that show Room by Room.

Do you remember the hosts Matt and Shari? Come on, I know you do! And I know you thought they were dorks, but you secretly loved them just like me. Because I'm a mindreader. It's one of my secret abilities. Makes my kids crazy.

Not really but I had you going there, didn't I.

No? Ok, then. Moving on.

We have a house. It could use some updates. It could use some storage. We have a budget. It's $0. My husband made me say that. No it's not zero, but it's close. That's ok, I like a challenge. Follow me as I change this house--you guessed it!--ROOM BY ROOM.

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