Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Do you have this problem too? I start all gung ho on a new project. I am inspired by how different everything looks and I zoom through the project. Until... it's about 90% finished. But the finishing touches, well, sometimes they get a little boring. I don't see those big changes anymore, like I did with the first swipe of a paintbrush in a new color. I just see the tedious loose ends. So inevitably just before it's finished I get so sick of it--and I just quit.


I will finish all current projects and I have you to keep me accountable. Are you up for the task?

Some things I have on my 90% done list.

Living room. Just need one more set of drapes.

Boys' bedroom. Just need to finish and hang artwork.

Dining room. Redo the dining chairs.

I have some handmade Christmas ornaments that are *this close* to being done.

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