Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Getting There

Why yes, I did run out of Command Strips, why do you ask?


Oh right.

Oh Command Strips, how I love thee. If we would have met seven years ago, before I was married, what might have been?


Holy moly. Is it just me, or does my hand look fat and hairy here. I swear it's not that fat or that hairy.



Aren't these flowers cute? (I know. MORE flowers).
Edited to add: flowers were from Target. They are made by Umbra. I see they are out of stock, but you can google Umbra wall flowers and get something pretty similar from another retailer.


These were silver, but I painted them green. You just hammer a little tack into the wall and they stick right on. Fun!


1 comment:

  1. Command strips are my friend(s?)! ;) Where did you find those awesome flowers! Love them! You're doing such a beautiful job! Delaney will be a happy girl (as much as a baby cares what their room looks like)!


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