Saturday, October 23, 2010

Love this!

I am such a flower junky. MORE FLOWERS! I am just realizing I have a problem.

I have probably 2 dozen flower brooches. Brooches? Is that right? That doesn't look right. I love their vintage-y charm. Most of them are old, but some are new. I'd love to add these to my collection. I have them on my list of "Stuff-I-want-to-do-that-I-won't-get-to-until-my-kids-learn-to-wipe-their-own-butts."

What, you don't have a list like that?

It's not that wiping their own butts is that important to eeking out a moment to craft time. It's that I think being able to wipe one's own butt implies a level of competency where I don't have to supervise them EVERY. SECOND. OF. THE. DAY. Follow me now? lol.

Look how cool! Cool for a brooch. Cool for a barrette. Cool on a handbag. Cool on a pair of flats. Just plain cool.

Tutorial here.

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