Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Half Bath - The Final Tally

In a couple weeks the half bath in our home got a glamorous makeover for just a little dough.

Check out yesterday's post for before and after shots.

So, wanna find out how much I spent? Me too.


The biggest impact was obviously wall color. Can you believe that came in at $10?!

The white for the trim and cream was a free promotion at Menards (on sale for $11 with an $11 rebate). Well, I think the semigloss white was $2. Anyway I bought it for the kitchen, so I'm not counting it.

The dark color is Brown Velvet by Valspar (Lowes). I only needed a quart for this small room, which came to $10.

I replaced the knob on the medicine cabinet. A pretty cut glass little number for $6. Lowes.

I just about passed out when I saw the hand towel. I could not have found something with a more perfect design and color palette if I had created it myself! $10 each for the hand towels. I bought 2. World Market.


I also bought a chandelier and new wall art. This is what they looked like before.


And after a little spray paint magic....



Did you notice I painted the ceiling blue? Loving it. It's subtle, but really pretty.

I used leftover spray paint for my chandelier and artwork. Just a couple swipes and it looks totally different!

Chandelier was $12 from Habitat Restore and wall art was $40 from Big Lots.

Last but not least, a new window shade.


This match stick blind was on clearance for $5! From Lowes. It is meant for a french door. The shade was the right width, but was 72 inches long. Waaaay too long. Luckily I was able to shorten it and it looks great!

The total spent? $93. Under $100 for a totally new look. I'll take that!

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  1. I LOVE a painted ceiling!!! My other half just doesn't get that.... but it just really finishes off the room! Great find at world market too - hard to pass up the perfect linens!!

    thanks for visiting my blog and PS baby pics and the entire room will be posted soon! ;)



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