Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Happy birthday, Clayton!

Something really amazing happened three years ago today.

After nearly four years of failure to become parents using nearly every method available to us... we finally, finally, FINALLY officially became parents.

Clayton was born.

We had had so many failures, I refused to take any pictures of myself pregnant. Finally on the way to the hospital, I relented.


We didn't know on February 23, 2008 what Clayton would bring to our family. But honestly it didn't take long to find out. Clayton's always been on fire. From nearly the moment he was born he has been fiesty. Clayton has been my only successful pregnancy out of 10. I've lost 9 others. In my mind I joke that Clayton came from one stubborn-ass egg. Sorry, but I think it's true.

He laughs the loudest, he cries the loudest. He is a bundle of energy that almost never, ever sits still. He's a rollercoaster on steroids.

Just seven weeks after baby Clayton was born, little Zack would join us. Then the party would really begin!

Dear, dear Clayton. I love all you kids so much, but on this day, your special day, I hope it's all you've ever dreamed of. Just like you kids are all I could ever dream of.

I love you sweetheart. I hope you'll always know how much. You are a special kid.



  1. Happy Birthday Clayton! Great photos!

  2. Happy birthday, Clayton! I remember when you were born.


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