Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Bought $150 worth of fabric the other day. EEK! That's a lot of cash for me. Hope I can get all these projects done before Delaney's out of diapers.

Not as in "I need to go buy some more diapers". As in potty trained.

Now that we got that straight, take a looksee. FUN!


The green boucle-looking fabric is going in the basement. Pillows. The color isn't coming across well in the photo. It's not minty, it's more chartreuse-like.

The stripe will go in the living room. Haven't even shown you that room yet. It will be accenting existing pillows. (Fabric is called Epic Tales in Spa by Waverly).

The black and white print is going to slipcover some ottomans in the basement. (Fabric is called Esmee by Waverly.)

The brown geometric is going to be curtains in our master bedroom. About time I got rid of the hankerchiefs. I'm also lovin' the Oriental vibe. (Fabric is Key Ring by 3 Park/Waverly).

Huh. I sure have been on a Waverly kick. Well, they do have pretty fabric.

Better get to work!

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