Thursday, February 24, 2011

Builder's Itch

Hey, if tennis player's can have tennis elbows, how about a builder's itch?

I have an urge to BUILD. Something. Lots of things. I don't think I've built one stinking thing before, but that dang Ana White sure makes me wanna try.

I know I've helped build lots of things. I've torn apart plenty of things. I've painted, revamped, destroyed and put together a lot of things. But BUILD something? Something from SCRATCH?Idonthinkso.

There's one little itty bitty problem--besides complete lack of experience. I'm afraid of saws.

I keep thinking I'm going to cut a finger off.

A little story that I just thought of. My friend used to go to this church. The minister was missing part of his index finger and part of his ring finger. First of all, how in the heck does that happen? If you're in some sort of finger accident, how do you miss the middle finger? Secondly, as the minister was gesturing he looked like he was giving everyone the bird. No really. Swear.

I don't want to look like I'm flicking anyone off! Argh. But I'd sure like to make some of Ana's plans.

In an old house, storage is often, well, lacking. I'd love to make this entry bench system.

Picture from Ana's site.

Learn how to make the bench here.

Or how about some floating shelves? Yes, please!

Photo from Ana's site.

Learn how to make the shelves here.

She makes it look easy.

So easy in fact, I have a growing wild fantasy of adding a custom built-in cabinet to a little used nook upstairs.

It'd be great!

If I knew what the heck I was doing.

I'll let you know if I'm ready to risk life and, er, finger.


  1. I love her site! I built the "gracy's bookcase" It took me an after noon and it was WAY easy. I just printed out her instrunctions/shopping list. When to HD and came home and built my first peice of furniture. I have never even picked up a hammer (other than for a nail in the wall to hang and I usually hit my thumb at least onece) If I can do it anyone can. I strongly recommend starting with something easy and then just go for it. You'll be even more hooked than I am sure you are now.

  2. Alright Tyler. I'll just have to do that! :) Thanks for the encouragement!


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