Monday, January 31, 2011

Trip Day 1 & 2

In the absence of any remodeling projects going on around here, how about I tell you about our trip instead?

I guess January 1 is still considered "the holidays", which means airline tickets were quite expensive. We saved about $800 by flying out of Chicago, instead of our smaller hometown airport. Chicago is about 3 hours away, so this also meant no airport party when we returned with Delaney, but whatcha gonna do, you know? $800 could throw one heck of a party at home (if we had it. Which we don't).

My mom came over at about 7 pm on January 1st, and Mr. RBR and I left a little before 8. We drove the 3 hours to O'Hare, parked, and checked in. We flew Asiana airlines. They were awesome.

Our flight left around 1 am. The flight attendants came by every 2 hours with either something to drink, a meal, or a snack. We tried to sleep, but it was hard. We maybe got 3 hours. Probably 2. But there were a lot of inflight movies, so that was nice. We flew over the top of the world, and 12 hours later we landed in Seoul, Korea at 6 am... on January 3rd! With the time change and the time spent on the plane, we skipped January 2nd altogether. Another thing that was interesting (to me at least) is that during the 23 hours we spent traveling, we were in darkness. It was dark when we left and dark when we arrived!

Upon arriving at the airport we exchanged some moolah and headed out. We found a bus that was going near our guesthouse and paid $15 per person for a ride. We waited about 20 minutes for the bus, and hopped on. I had no idea the bus ride was going to be that long! Rush hour was partly to blame, and finally one and a half hours later, we were dropped off outside the Renaissance hotel in Seoul...

with no idea where to go.

to be continued

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