Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Cute Picture

A cute picture, just to make sure you still come around this here ol' blog...


Wish me luck tomorrow. I've had Mr. RBR home for a whole month! But tomorrow he must go back to work.

The way it worked out was pretty crazy. The whole company that Mr. RBR works for has the week between Christmas and New Years off. Then we left for Korea on New Years Day for a week, so Mr. RBR took a week's vacation. Then he got two weeks off for parental leave (so GLAD Mr. RBR works for a company that is so adoption friendly).

But now all that fun must come to an end. On Monday Mr. RBR will leave me with these crazy kiddos by myself for the first time. Not only that, but he has Tae Kwon Do on Mondays, so he won't be home until around 8. Eek!

I think that's called baptism by fire.


  1. So cute!!! Hope you have lots of fun and lots of energy tomorrow;)

  2. Darling:) Love the drool..teething I presume??


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